Wood - Fractions of a Whole Set Game By Erzi

Wood - Fractions of a Whole Set Game By Erzi


To many people mathematics is a fully abstract term, often quite hard to grasp without means of illustration. The educational game Fractions of a Whole not only conveys a visual impression of fractions, but also allows kiddies to gain hands-on experience!

Constructed from solid beech, this unique system is designed to teach children aged three years upwards the various parts making up a whole number. While playing with three dimensional pieces i.e. cubes kiddies learn to distinguish whole shapes, halves, quarters, eighths etc. When advancing to higher primary school grades, they then learn how to express these shapes abstractly in the forms of fractions. 

This direct learning-by-playing method teaches youngsters the number of different possibilities of forming a cube, say from 2 halves, one half and four eights, two quarters and 1 half.

Includes: 1 large cube to form a whole, 2 halves, 4 quarters and 8 eighths; 1 play mat (40x40cm)

Size: length 50.5 cm, width 7.5 cm, height 14.5 cm, weight 736 g

Recommended for ages 5+.